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Mr. Sanjay Bhardwaj An excellent idea. If materials can be added regularly and the selection is well curated it will be great to have this
Mr. Sanjay Bhardwaj

Principal Architect - Team 3

Mr. Achal Kataria GREAT! Please launch soon
Mr. Achal Kataria

Principal Architect - Achal Kataria Associates

Mr. Vaibhav Dimri Great initiative
Mr. Vaibhav Dimri

Principal Architect - Anagram Architects

Ms. Shurti Dimri Cataloguing online always helps. Example - Waterproofing products are sought all the time
Ms. Shruti Dimri

Associate Partner - Anagram Architects

Mr. Rohit K. Gulati Good initiative
Mr. Rohit K. Gulati

Director-Incubis Architects

Ms. Sonya Suri New and very useful
Ms. Sonya Suri

Principal Designer - Idesignz

Ms. Afsheen Khan This will be very Comfortable & Quick
Ms. Afsheen Khan

GM - Krrish Group

Ms. Jyotika Sharma Very good initiative to give accessibility to vendors & architects
Ms. Jyotika Sharma

Architect - GMR-GADL


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