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This website should not be construed as purporting to offer or an invitation to offer. Further, the information on this website should not be construed as an offer or an invitation to offer any information or service to citizens of countries who are not subject to the jurisdiction of and the laws of India. The user agrees that even though the website targets only Indian residents, it may be accessible to people in other parts of the world given the nature of the Internet. If the user is not an Indian resident and yet uses the website, he acknowledges, understands and agrees that he is doing this at his own initiative, and at his own risk. It is his responsibility to make sure that he complies with the applicable local laws. If the user is not an Indian resident, by using this website and/or revealing his personal identity or any other information on the website, he expressly consents to the transfer of such data to India, and to the processing of such data on Megabooklet's Indian servers, where his data will be governed by Indian laws that may provide a level of data protection different from his country of residence.

Megabooklet has no advice to give in this matter, and shall not be liable to any person who enters a business relationship with the entities listed on the website or with any other party based on the information on this website. Megabooklet.com shall not be liable to any person who uses such information as investment, company affairs, legal, tax or accounting advice or as advice regarding the suitability or profitability of a security or investment. The information on the website should not be construed as business/ investment advice. The users should exercise due caution and/or seek independent advice before they enter a business relationship with any entity, or accept any investment or financial obligation based on the information on the website.

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This website may contain links to other websites or videos that may belong to, and/or hosted, and/or operated by parties other than Megabooklet, for instance, the videos hosted by our third party service provider's server. Megabooklet is not responsible for the contents of any nature (including any related advertisements or videos) offered by any such linked website, or any link in a website, or any change to such websites, irrespective of whether these websites are operated by affiliates of Megabooklet or other third parties. Inclusion of such a link on this website does not imply that Megabooklet endorses the quality or the nature of content of the website linked from Megabooklet.com.

This website may contain information sourced from third parties. Megabooklet is not responsible for the information or content offered by such third parties. The inclusion of such information on the website does not imply that Megabooklet is responsible for the quality or the nature of the information provided by third parties.

By agreeing to list a product or requirement at Megabooklet.com, or responding to and advertising on Megabooklet.com, or by using the services of Megabooklet.com, the user hereby acknowledges and allows Megabooklet, its partners and other users of the site to get in touch with him/her from time to time for intimating them on events, new products, or newly launched companies they might be interested in. This could include offers to upgrade to premium service, information, as well as promotions.

Megabooklet can use the user's email address and/or contact numbers for this purpose even if the user has registered with the "National Do Not Call Registry", overriding such DND registrations.

Megabooklet.com shall neither be responsible nor liable for any inaccuracy in the information provided here and therefore the viewers are requested to independently validate the information from the respective company or its representatives before making their decisions related to products and its information displayed here. Megabooklet.com, its directors, employees and other representatives shall not be liable for any action taken, cost / expenses / losses incurred, by you.
The product / Brand representation images shown are for illustration purpose only and may not be an exact representation of the product. If you object to the publication of any material placed on the Website please let us know by sending an appropriately worded email to contact@megabooklet.com and Megabooklet will take whatever action it deems appropriate.X

Copyright © 2018. All rights reserved. Mega Booklet

Copyright © 2018. All rights reserved. Mega Booklet


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